Are Books like Screenplays?

I thought both the book and this “blog” would be active, I was wrong. There are many reasons for that. I did not know what I was doing. Still don’t. Then there was my health.

I am now more than a year out from cancer surgery and it looks like it worked. One of the questions that came to mind had to do with the process of writing a non-fiction history book. Do you write in order, as you would read it? It turns out that may not be the case. It seems more like a screenplay in that it’s often “shot” out of sequence with the outline as the script.

I now know the answer to another question, “Why are there so many inactive Blogs all over with a Facebook connection?” Why? well, it’s a hard thing to do, that’s why. So I still would like to write but find it even harder than I thought it might be.

More ideas on that in a while. I am not sure when.