The book on my mind

The news is not startling, I am writing a book manuscript dealing with The impact of World War 1 on a forgotten county and city on the Mississippi River, Natchez, MS the seat of Adams County. The real issue is why should I do this and does it really matter?

While it may seem that everyone is writing a book, the real question is what books help the common good? What books help to answer the dreaded “So what” question. So what does it have to do with me? Everything.

If you care about getting a good job and wonder why there seem to be none, this book matters. If you see wealth inequality and think that may have something to do with the lack of good jobs, this book matters. If you wonder who’s side your local Police Department is on this book really does mater.

I have come to see the story of Natchez, as mirror of what different polices look like when they are enacted over time. At the moment it may be a kind of “fun house” mirror, but the image still has much to say.