Pick-Up, Drop-off

As good as the first day in Jackson, Mississippi, was it came to that old and rather bad pun about the Russian driver, “Pickupandropoff”. Like many older downtown areas that date from the heyday of rail travel, Jackson has a warren of one-way streets, odd angles and faded glory. Good for walking, not driving; so why rent a car on the first day? A fellow passenger gave me a ride to the Garden Inn, known back in the day as the King Edward Hotel (pick up); the hotel shuttle van raced me to the state archives building just ten minutes before closing (pick up); met with the wonderful Anne Webster, state historian to give her a copy of the Masters Thesis (drop off) and talk of what might come next. Back at the hotel, I walked over to the old Union Station across the intersection from the hotel and found both train and bus station, like Los Angeles, and what can be more pick-up-drop-off than Union Station? Dinner at the hotel. Bar, sorry, but no Pick-Up.

Re-done in 2009 after being a relic for 40 years, the hotel is once more Election Day headquarters. The hotelroom tv had the day’s election returns running like a ticker tape under the main local/national news and the second floor deck looked and sounded like a group waiting for votes to come in. According to the hotel history, from about 1910 to 1960, “There were three branches of Mississippi legislature, the Upper House, the Lower House and the Edwards House.”

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