Going Bused

I was not sure if the bus would get me to “church” on time. So I am at a hotel near LAX. If you saw it in daylight you might wonder were you where–lush and green with little noise from the outside world. Denny‘s next door. Wake up call at 4:30AM. Flight at 7:45am. With any luck the shuttle will leave at 5:30am, I will arrive by 6:00am, and be at the gate by 7:00am.

It may be that “free airfare” is not always free. It‘s at odd hours and you often feel that you spend more just walking thorough the doors that are opened for you. In this case, it‘s not true. I am going to Mississippi with the help of friends I knew I had, but did not think would help as deeply as they have. There will be a few streams I have to wade into, such as cab fare, and fast food, but going there is “priceless”. One tip if you are taking an early flight? Stay near the airport and grab the hotel shuttle. There will be bills and hell to pay when I get back, but it is good to go.