Getting Ready

I recall startling a street-wise professor at Cal State with the claim that I had not paid “rent” (as he understood it) for…well, a long, long time. As this is the biggest part of everyone’s budget, or lack of it in hard times, just how is that done (legally, I might add)?

I understand the concept of paying someone for a place to live, but it seems a better idea to be paid to live in a place. So far I have found two jobs that do that: offshore oil and as a live-in aide to a handicapped person. Both jobs can kill you, but with some luck, I got the time to study history, and I hope, to write about it.

As I get ready to say hello to Mississippi, I might have to say good by to my car. To not have a car in the Los Angeles is “blasphemous”. How can you get anything done without a car?

Car ownership is another expense that seems out of control, or at best an unknown. How high will gas go? Who knows? As fate would have it, I live near one of the Metro lines. Visit to the main LA library downtown for yet another history book? No problem. A monthly pass is about the same (not counting repair!) as a car, and I know I am going to get there. My “ride” is fine, thanks.